The temper of the Elizabethan age was suited to the lyrical mood. As a result, the emergence of the lyric was remarkable. The lyrical expressions began with the first efforts of Wyatt and Surrey. This spirit continued through the dramas of their time. Moreover, this lyrical approach appeared in the numerous miscellanies of the period. Then this lyrical impulse was carried on into the melodies of Campion and the darker moods of Donne.

If you pay attention to the history of the English literature, the Elizabethan period, is considered the great period in which lyrical forms were given a proper shape. Songs were sung in halls and parlors. Songs were composed in great varieties such as love songs and religious songs. They were composed in every mod like grave, mocking, sentimental and cynical. Some English poets started writing lyrics and lyrical songs which became popular. Therefore, the age was considered as the nwst of singing birds.The form of lyrical poetry is very much inspiring and interesting as well.

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  1. anu Says:

    I came across your site while preparing for NET exams. It provided concise and apt information on some important periods opf eng lit. thanks!

  2. Karika reza Says:

    its really helpfull… thankxx!!!!

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