A poem is a literary form composed in verse. It normally gives account of personal feelings, emotions and imagination.

Let’s enjoy the following poem:

The Butterfly

There is no story behind it.
It is split like a second.
It hinges around itself.

It has no future.
It is pinned down to no past.
It’s a pun on the present.

It’s a little yellow butterfly.
It has taken these wretched hills
under its wings.

Just a pinch of yellow,
it opens before it closes
and closes before it o

where is it.

Arun Kolatkar, an Indian poet wrote about the place- Jejuri, a temple town. Jejuri is a poor place and the hills in Jejuri show the barrenness of the place. His style is simple (English) in contrast with Mahapatra where he uses English and his ideas very effectively.

Whatever he sees in Jejury they have a story of their own. The poet says there is no story behind the butterfly, the very being he gets us acquainted with in this poem. The idea of “split like a second” is applied to the butterfly. The butterfly is in two parts, a split, hinges around itself. It has no future and is said to be “pinned down to no past”. Because the creatures never think about their past and they don’t have future. They live in the present and that becomes the “pun on the present”, the pun on the entire mankind who has lost the sense of living in the present! It creates a beautiful picture as if the wretched hills are under wings of a little yellow butterfly. Its wings open before they close and close before they open and lo! It’s gone like a beautiful moment!